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A tabletop RPG livestream that provides game and system overviews, opinions and commentary on the TTRPG hobby, and let’s YOU join the show!

📝 Informative

Conversations about the TTRPG hobby; truthful but opinionated.

🧨 Irreverent

Information you NEED to hear not what you want to hear. Not an echo chamber for the idiots who permeate the hobby.

👫 Interactive

You can join us on the show to share your thoughts.

Community Guidelines

Legion of Myth (RPG Die Gest) is founded on the principles of freedom of speech and association; however, there is also a sense of decorum all people must share in a public environment. It’s okay to attack an opinion or comment, NOT the person who made it.

Socio-political discussion and comments (aka: social commentary), with regard to anime, comics, games and nerd culture in general is allowed… and encouraged! Just be sure it’s related to anime, comics, games, and nerd culture!

Political discussion (to include socio-politics outside the realms of anime, comics, games and nerd culture) is not allowed. We don’t care for whom you voted and we don’t want to know. This also includes themes of “lock her up,” and “orange man bad.”

The basic “don’t be a jerk” rule applies. No spamming, hijacking, trolling, pornography… don’t be a jerk.

Lastly, the spirit of the law trumps the letter of the law. Don’t get all legalese-y with us, we don’t care. You know what being a jerk is… don’t do it.

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